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I am beginning to think that we may have skipped fall completely and jumped right into winter.  It has been in the 20’s the last few nights and barely breaking 50 degrees during the day.  I was ready for the cool fall weather but, Holy frost bite!!!  This is madness!

With the sudden onset of cold weather I have been fortunate enough to catch a nasty cold.  So this post will be kind of short as I am still working on getting some rest and recuperating.  I have mostly been eating soups and drinking tea.  Nothing to creative going on at the moment in my kitchen.  Be looking forward to some great posts over the next few days though.  I got a new vegan cookbook this weekend and I am dying to try out the recipes and give you a full report.

As I will be hanging out at the house tomorrow, and possibly the next day, so I will be doing a longer post with some new recipes.  I hope everyone is staying warm.  I am going to snuggle up with my comforter and try to kick this cold in the tush.  Wish me luck!


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