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This weekend I got to spend some quality time with my parents.  I also got to tell them about my plans to go vegan.  My mother was quite encouraging until I mentioned the part about doing it for a year.  ” Really?  A whole year.  Why would you do that?”  She looked like I’d told her I was going to try walking on my hands for a year.  I explained that I wanted to see first hand all of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.  It’s about more that just changing my eating habits, it’s also about making a conscious effort in my  everyday life to think about the impact my choices have on a larger scale. 

My dad on the other hand was pretty nonchalant.   “That’s interesting.  What are you gonna eat?”  I told him  I can eat anything except animal products/ by products or foods that contain animal based additives.  He just sort of nodded and left it alone.  For the rest of the day, at random points, dad would throw out questions like,  “Can you eat eggs?”  “What about breads, they have milk in them don’t they?”   

When it was time for me to head home dad was still contemplating all the different things I wouldn’t be able to eat and mom was excited to try some of the recipes I had found.  Mom even said she would pick up some Tofury when she knew I would be by to visit.  You’ve got to love that!


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