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It is now five days into my veganization and I am loving it!  I have even found a new favorite breakfast and yes, it does involve spinach.   I am completely in love with green smoothies.  I have concocted my own special blend that may end up taking the place of coffee as my reason for waking up in the morning. 

Good Morning Green Smoothie

1 Mango (cubed)

1/2 of  a frozen Banana

1 Orange (juiced)

2/3 cup of spinach or kale

1 tsp. Ground flax

1/3 cup Water

Put it all in the blender and liquefy!  Add more water if you like your smoothies to be a bit thinner.  I don’t add any sweetener when I whip this smoothie up but you could always add a bit of agave nectar if you  like.

In other exciting news, my order from Amazing Grass came today.  I got their Chocolate Green Super Food powder along with some free samples of Wheat Grass Drink Powder, Original Green Super Food and Goji-Acai Green Super Food.  I am looking forward to trying out the Chocolate Green Super Food in the morning and I’m thinking a stawberry-chocolate smoothie may be on the menu.


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Well, it’s official.  Tomorrow is V-day.  For the next year I will cast aside all animal products to embrace a healthier and more compassionate way of life.  I am looking at the coming change with excitement, anticipation and a slight bit of trepidation.  I have the support of family, friends and vegans everywhere.  One of my friends has even signed on to go vegan with me.  I have to admit that I feel much less likely to slip up with her holding me accountable.  

Tomorrow morning promises the start of a new adventure.  It also promises a very tasty smoothie for breakfast.  I am looking forward to my new challenge.  Bring on the veggies!!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a great giveaway going on at Chocolate Covered Katie.   Katie, an amazing vegan goddess, is giving away a box of Amazing Grass Chocolate SuperFood Energy bars.  She also has a coupon code available that gets you 15% off purchases from Amazing Grass.  Get more information on how to enter, just click here.

Even if you aren’t interested in winning free stuff (But who doesn’t love free stuff?), you should check out Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog for some amazing vegan recipes.

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When I got home tonight I decided it was time to start going through the pantry to prep for my coming veganization.  With V-day a mere week away I knew that there would be some things that either needed to be consumed or disposed of.  When I began to go through my stockpile of veggie meats, boxed pastas and assorted mixes I was really surprised at how many of them contained animal products.

There were several items that came as no surprise.  Like the brownie mix, parmesan garlic pasta or my old standby Kraft mac and cheese.  Then there were several unexpected finds.  Almost all of the veggie meats contained egg whites and casein.  Some even had powdered milk.  This was an interesting discovery for me. 

The revelations in my pantry led me directly to the freezer and my stash therein.  Lo and behold, I found that only 2 of the 4 brands of veggie burgers that I currently have in stock are vegan.  Sadly my favorite spicy black bean burgers are of the non-vegan variety.  Also, the veggie corn dogs and chick’n strips did not pass inspection. 

After all of this label reading I learned a valuable lesson.  ALWAYS read the label.  You may be surprised by what is in your food.  I know I was.  And while I am sad have to set aside my spicy black bean burgers, I am confident in the fact that I can make a homemade version that will be just as good.  I definitely want to do some more research on animal based food additives as well.  So if anyone has or knows where I can find a complete listing of them, please let me know. 

That is all for now, but watch for more updates as V-day approaches!

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