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It was really nice to get a chance to relax this weekend.  There was not one day last week when I didn’t have to be somewhere.  I made the most of my downtime by trying out some vegan recipes from The New Farm Cookbook by Louise Hagler and Dorothy Bates.   I have had this cookbook for quite a few years and I loved it even before I went vegetarian.

Since I only have a few days left until the big V-day I wanted to try some recipes that I hadn’t yet.  That way I could expand my arsenal of tasty vegan stand by foods.  On the menu were Vegan Pancakes, Lentil Loaf, Dal, Soft Sandwich Buns and Banana Bread.  All of them were fantastic, but I have to admit that I improvised a bit on some of them.   I’ll be sure to post my adapted recipes later this afternoon and will hopefully be adding pictures shortly.   I just need to get the camera dusted off and ready to go.

What are some of you favorite vegan go to foods/recipes?  Let us know the foods that you can’t live without and definitely feel free to pass on the recipe.


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