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Wow!  Time really flew this last week.  I fully intended to post a follow up to Appliance Excitement much sooner, but I got caught in playing with my new friend and trying a bunch of raw food recipes.  The great thing about all that experimenting is that I have a new found love for raw desserts.

The little blender-that-could has served me well for the past several years.  Especially when it came to what is now being refered to as the Great Pumpkin Incident of ’09.  My new little friend, however, has the kind of chopping and blending power that I have only dreamed of.  I put that power to good use this weekend by making a melange of raw desserts including, chocolate pudding (chocomole), cashew whipped cream and cranberry kremecakes. 

My new friend.

The chocomole is going to be the focus today along with the cashew whipped cream.  Both of these taste wonderful on their own but together they are an unstoppable force of tastiness.

Chocomole (a.k.a. Raw Chocolate Pudding)

1 Avocado (pitted and peeled)
4 tablespoons Cocoa Powder
1/4 cup Agave Nectar
1-4 dates (optional but excellent for a little additional sweetness)
1/8 teaspoon Cinnamon (optional)
1/2 cup water
Place avocado, cocoa powder, agave nectar, dates (if using) and 1/4 cup of the water into your food processor.  Pulse until thick and smooth.  Continue to pulse while slowly adding the rest of the water and until the consistency is pudding-esque.    The texture is everything with this recipe.  The first time I made this I didn’t blend it as well as I should have.  While it still tasted rich a dark chocolatey, the bits of avocado and date threw me a bit.  So remember to blend thoroughly.
Cashew  Whipped Cream (pictured above as the topping for the Chocomole)

1-1/3 cup Raw Cashews (soaked 2 hours)
1/2 cup Water
3 tablespoon Agave Nectar 
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Blend all ingredients in your blender until smooth and fluffy.  If making  in a food processor, start by blending all ingredients, minus 1/4 cup water.  Stop often to scrape the bowl.  Once it is quite smooth, drizzle in the last 1/4 cup water and blend till fluffy.  This is so good that is could be dessert all by itself!

If you are looking for more dessert inspiration you should stop by Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog.  Not only does she have great recipes for all things chocolate, but she is also doing a charity drive called Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness.  Just by checking out her blog you will be helping her earn money that will go to those in need.  While your are there  be sure to enter the her Big, Fat Chocolate Covered Giveaway.


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Okay, I know I have been on a bit of a smoothie kick lately but bare with me.  Fall is rapidly descending in my neck of the woods and will bring many soup, stew and bread recipes to the blog.  At the moment though, the speed and ease of smoothies have taken over my world.  Or at least my breakfasts.

With that said, I feel the need to share my new and improved chocolate-strawberry concoction.  Yesterday’s post included a very basic smoothie involving chocolate green super food powder and strawberries.  While that was good, I saw fit to kick things up a notch this morning.  And so, the following smoothie was born.

Chocolate Sunshine Smoothie

2 scoops Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Super Food

5 Strawberry juice cubes

½ cup frozen Strawberries

½  a Banana (fresh or frozen)

1 Orange (juiced)

¾ cup Water

Put all of the ingredients in the blender, hit puree and enjoy!  As with my other smoothies I don’t add any sweetener but you can always use a bit of agave nectar if you like.  Also, feel free to up the amount of water if you want a thinner smoothie.

All I can say about this smoothie is… YUMMM!  It was so tasty and it kept me going all morning.  What more could you want from a breakfast on the go?

The rest of my meals were pretty run of the mill.  Peanut butter and raspberry jam rollups in whole wheat tortillas with cucumbers and humus for lunch.  Dinner was a mixed green salad with lemon, tater tots and a great veggie patty I found at Andy’s Market called Oregon Harvest Veggi Patti.  These veggie patties are made by Chez Gourmet from Marie and are delicious.  I was really excited to find them and have them as a ready made replacement to my usual black bean burger.

The Oregon Harvest Veggi Patties have all kind of tasty ingredients.  Organic Forbidden Rice, sweet potato, Anasazi beans, carrots, mushrooms, pecans, onions, roasted corn, broccoli and celery just to name a few.  Are you drooling yet?  I am and I just finished eating one.  All of that is available in your freezer section without any animal by products to speak of.  Three cheers for quick and easy dinner solutions!

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Today has been lovely and filled with chocolatey goodness. 

Breakfast was a chocolate covered strawberry smoothie, courtesy Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Super Food.  It was the perfect way to start my morning and sooo simple.  I used two scoops of the super food powder and blenderized it with 3/4 cup of frozen strawberries and 1 cup of rice milk.  The result was a rich chocolate filled delight.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

When I got home from work tonight I was feeling inspired by my chocolate breakfast, so I went about making mini chocolate cupcakes with a semi-sweet chocolate ganche frosting.  Holy vegan decadence!!!  These little guys pack a cocoa filled wallop. 

I found the recipe on Cake Maker to The Stars recipe page and had to try it.  The only thing I changed is that I added a teaspoon of cinnamon to the dry ingredients.  If you have a love of chocolate, give this recipe a try.

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It is now five days into my veganization and I am loving it!  I have even found a new favorite breakfast and yes, it does involve spinach.   I am completely in love with green smoothies.  I have concocted my own special blend that may end up taking the place of coffee as my reason for waking up in the morning. 

Good Morning Green Smoothie

1 Mango (cubed)

1/2 of  a frozen Banana

1 Orange (juiced)

2/3 cup of spinach or kale

1 tsp. Ground flax

1/3 cup Water

Put it all in the blender and liquefy!  Add more water if you like your smoothies to be a bit thinner.  I don’t add any sweetener when I whip this smoothie up but you could always add a bit of agave nectar if you  like.

In other exciting news, my order from Amazing Grass came today.  I got their Chocolate Green Super Food powder along with some free samples of Wheat Grass Drink Powder, Original Green Super Food and Goji-Acai Green Super Food.  I am looking forward to trying out the Chocolate Green Super Food in the morning and I’m thinking a stawberry-chocolate smoothie may be on the menu.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a great giveaway going on at Chocolate Covered Katie.   Katie, an amazing vegan goddess, is giving away a box of Amazing Grass Chocolate SuperFood Energy bars.  She also has a coupon code available that gets you 15% off purchases from Amazing Grass.  Get more information on how to enter, just click here.

Even if you aren’t interested in winning free stuff (But who doesn’t love free stuff?), you should check out Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog for some amazing vegan recipes.

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